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Organisational standards

safety culture
management systems

Openness, transparency, support and honest feedback are the starting point for our actions. Building an injury-free environment is a long, demanding and time-consuming process, no less worth the effort and resources expended. The management systems implemented in our organisations are geared towards involving in safety actions all interested parties in the construction process but also other contractors or visitors.

safety culture
peer reviews and senior management visits

Each project establishes and implements regular peer reviews among representatives of clients representatives, general contractor teams and subcontractors. All findings are documented with agreed or imposed actions, deadlines and distributed to all stakeholders.

Additionally ongoing projects are visited by senior management.

design and planning

From the very early, conceptual design stage, we think about safety, taking into account the construction phase but also focusing on safety of the projects we deliver. To make this happen, we involve designers and general contractors representatives as early as possible, identify risks and opportunities, and search for optimum solutions.

design and planning
risk and opportunities management

The health and safety aspects of our business are recognized as potential or actual impacts (positive and negative) on the environment and human well-being. 

We assess risks at different levels: 

  • organisational – concerning our operations, identifying the needs and expectations of our stakeholders or aspects of sustainability – safety, environment or green solutions;
  • operational – concerning the management of risks at the level of investments under way, in which case we start the process of assessing risks and opportunities at the stage of land acquisition, taking into account risks from the design stage or, later on, also from their implementation.
design and planning

We are involved in the procurement process as a clients. Our contractors are assessed in terms of health, safety and environment during tender procedure. EHS requirements are an integral appendix to contracts. 

The listed above actions are mostly valid for contractors at the construction stage. With all of them pre-start meetings are held with presence of site supervisors. Our representatives are involved in meetings with key- or high risk contractors whose scope of work is assessed as high risk.


We continually put every effort into improving the health, safety and wellbeing of our and subcontractors employees with the aim of providing them with an injury-free environment. 

To this end, we formulate and monitor indicators relating to, among other things: 

  • implementation of the training programme,
  • presence of supervisors on projects, 
  • safety visits or involvement of senior management, 
  • involvement in new contractors procurement process,
  • the number of incidents, accidents  and their severity.

The collected information becomes the base for analysis and setting of further targets and actions.

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